A creature with long horns and black and white stripes on their face. They are sticking their long red tongue out that falls off the bottom of the image.


SHREK 666 is the embodiment of an ogre, who finds delight in disgust and puts a satanic spin on DreamWorks’ cartoon ogre.

SHREK 666 is the embodiment of an ogre, a character birthed in 2018 designed and performed by Daemon Clelland. The practice of drama therapeutic performance combined with visual image making references monstrosity, post-humanism, medieval illuminations and science fiction through a process of queer world making. Situated between Spirituality and Parody, Transition and Eroticism, Benevolence and Confrontation, a showcase of performative power in rejection of realness. Clelland works between SFX and Latex Prosthetics, Performance, Moving Image, Costume Design and Sound.

A typical SHREK 666 show might feature fake blood squirted onto the audience or a simulated blow job – all executed in an outfit that includes devilish horns, a gimp mask, or an oversized codpiece. Giving a middle finger to respectability politics every time they step on stage, SHREK 666 finds delight in disgust. But behind the performance persona you’ll find that Sorcha is surprisingly PG: warm, funny, and a bit of a queer-theory nerd.

Born in the Highlands, Sorcha studied at Glasgow School of Art, which is where they created their drag alter ego. Informed by Scottish masculinity, Sorcha uses a mash-up of latex, heavy make-up, and grisly prosthetics to put a satanic spin on DreamWorks’ cartoon ogre.


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